15 Foods Keep You Strong and Healthy having High in Iron: Food

14. Squash: 0.7mg Iron (4% DV)

As we near the end of our list of high iron foods, there are many vegetables that have some iron in them, not a ton, but more than other foods.

Squash is one such vegetable that doesn’t get as much respect as say spinach, broccoli, or kale, but deserves to be noted for its iron content, among other things.

The beauty of squash is its many varieties. Be sure to try them all to see which ones you like best, and to determine which ones go better with which foods. They make great side dishes, and they can also be found in many casseroles and other recipes where they assist the main entree.

Tips for eating more: Squash is a fun vegetable to work with in the kitchen because it comes in so many varieties and can be used in any number of ways. For example, spaghetti squash can be shredded lengthwise and used as a replacement for traditional spaghetti noodles. Butternut squash can be made into a lasagna. Acorn squash can be roasted and eaten right out of its peel.

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