15 Foods Keep You Strong and Healthy having High in Iron: Food

2. Soybeans: 15.7mg Iron (87% DV)

Soybeans can help you reach your iron goals in a big way. Raw soybeans have the most iron, and when you boil them you’ll lose some of the iron content, but they still remain quite high in protein.

Soybeans are typically made into other food items like tofu or tempeh. This reduces the total amount of iron they contain, but there will still be a good amount. For example, tofu has 4.5mg and tempeh has 2.7.

Edamame is one example of soybeans that have been harvested before their prime and are eaten directly. While you won’t get as much iron from it (3.5mg in 100g) you’ll still be helping add to your total iron intake for the day.

Tips for eating more: Consider adding soybeans to the next soup you make. You’ll not only be adding iron to it, but tons of protein and fiber, not to mention added texture.

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