15 Foods Keep You Strong and Healthy having High in Iron: Food

4. Oysters: 7mg Iron (39% DV)

Oysters are well-known as being an aphrodisiac, but they’re also a great iron food. Since iron helps circulate oxygen throughout the body, their high iron content may also help give you the get up and go that they’re known for.

This is one instance where you can go with farm-raised oysters rather than wild caught. Most seafood you’re better off going with wild caught, but wild caught oysters are harder to find, and they’re not a sustainable option.

Oysters are also a good source of protein and other minerals like zinc, as well as amino acids which is where it gets its reputation as being a romantic firestarter. The specific amino acids it contains are said to boost levels of sex hormones in the body.

Tips for eating more: Oysters work well in seafood stews and chowders if you don’t like eating them raw. There are also oyster dishes that cook the oysters, like Oysters Rockefeller, which changes their texture and flavor and may make them more appetizing.

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