15 Foods Keep You Strong and Healthy having High in Iron: Food

6. Lentils: 3.3mg Iron (18% DV)

Lentils have been gaining a lot of traction as a health food, mostly for their fiber content and the way they’re slowly digested by the body. Being a good source of iron is just one more reason to start adding them to your regular lineup.

If you serve up your lentils with a protein like chicken breast or beef, two foods also found on this list, you’ll be doing a good job of rounding out your iron profile for the day, and making it a complete meal. Add a veggie side and you have a complete meal and a big chunk of your iron requirement met.

When choosing which lentils to eat, it’s better to buy them in bulk and then boil them up as needed rather than buying them from a can. You’ll get more nutrients from them, and have more quality control, especially if you start with organic lentils.

Tips for eating more: Adding lentils to a soup instantly gives it more fiber and iron, as well as thickens it up and introduces a new texture.

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