6 ways your breakfast is making you gain weight: FOOD

6 ways your breakfast is making you gain weight: FOOD

6 ways your breakfast is making you gain weight: FOOD

Morning Breakfast to gain weight: Who does not love a good recipe idea from Pinterest? While we are all about experimenting in the kitchen, sometimes trendy meals aren’t the healthiest. Adding all the fixings can sure make your breakfast look Instagram-worthy, but it can also quickly max out your calorie budget.

Another problem: It’s all too easy to OD on healthy fats, like peanut butter, avocado, cheese, whole milk yogurt, and nuts and seeds. While all of these foods are good for you, the calories can quickly rack up. An average breakfast should be about 300 to 400 calories, but if, for example, you make a large smoothie with too much peanut butter, you could be slurping a whopping 900 to 1000 calories.

Here, 6 mistakes you’re making while recreating breakfast trends—and how to rein it in to ensure you end up with a healthy meal that will fuel your day.

  1. Breakfast Burritos

Where you go wrong: Going heavy on the meat. “There’s a lot of added fat that can go into a burrito, from bacon, sausage, and chorizo,” says Sheth. Breakfast burritos can be a great choice thanks to the grains in the tortilla, protein from the eggs, and fiber from the vegetables. What you don’t want: extra saturated fat.

The fix: Sheth recommends adding black beans for fiber and plant-based protein (it’s a good call to sneak in some of these top 10 cholesterol-fighting foods, too). Add flavor with fresh salsa, which is low-fat. If you really want to add meat, Ginn-Meadow suggests turkey, which is lean, and adding veggies for texture.

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