6 ways your breakfast is making you gain weight: FOOD

  1. Juice

Where you go wrong: Making it a meal. Don’t be fooled by all the juice cleanses and juice bars you see everywhere: Juice is just a drink. Depending on what kind of juicer you’re using, most of the fiber is strained out in the process. Because juice lacks protein and fiber, it will leave you feeling unsatisfied if it’s your only source of nutrients in the morning, says Sheth.

The fix: Limit the portion size to 8 ounces, and pair it with something that has protein and fiber, such as a piece of whole grain toast with nut butter. “When you pair protein and fat with a carbohydrate, your body will be more satisfied, and you won’t be as hungry,” Sheth says. If you have diabetes, Sheth suggests laying off the juice entirely, because it will cause a quick spike in your blood sugar.

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