Top 10 best superfoods chicken dishes: Food

Top 10 best superfoods chicken dishes: Food


Speaking frankly, until relatively recently, I generally disliked the chicken: life seemed too short for me to eat such boring food. I think I just was not lucky: like any “simple” product, the chicken requires a special attention of the cook. Wrong selection of spices, nedosol, five extra minutes in a pan – and the dish from the chicken will be … no, of course, not spoiled, but love it, too, will not be for that. And when I still rasprobovat chicken – began to prepare it with a double zeal. It turned out that:

  • Good chicken, skillfully fried on the grill, little inferior to quality steak;
  • Chicken, as a fairly neutral taste – the best ingredient for spicy Asian curry;
  • Competently cooked chicken soup – it’s just a bomb;
  • Chicken wings can be cooked in a dozen ways, and it will never get bored;
  • The whole chicken baked is one of the best dishes in the “effort / result” ratio.
  1. Terrine of chicken

I prepared this terrine for the festive table, the concept of which was sustained in the style of the cuisine of Alsace, although Alsatian in it except form, the content is the imagination of pure water. Unlike the traditional village terrin, this is a fairly light, almost dietary dish, although, of course, no one will prevent you from “weighting” it with bacon or smoked foods.

Serve this terrine is best cold, with a sauce based on mayonnaise (for example, with tarragon) or just with mustard.

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