Top 10 Common Workout Injuries and How to Avoid Them



Pain in front of the shoulder and upper-arm weakness may be a sign of tendinitis, an overuse injury that typically occurs from repetitive motions. Weightlifting, swimming, tennis and golf can all cause biceps tendinitis. Biceps tendinitis refers to the inflammation of a tendon that attaches your upper biceps muscle to the bones of the shoulder. “Impingement and rotator cuff damage often accompanies biceps tendinitis,” says David Geier, M.D., orthopedic surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina. You’ll feel pain and tenderness in the front of the shoulder that worsens with overhead lifting.

Pain may also move down the upper arm bone and you may feel an occasional snapping in the shoulder. HOW TO STAY SAFE: Cross-train by varying your activities to avoid repetitive overhead movements, and make sure to take enough rest time between workouts. Check your posture which can increase the risk of biceps tendinitis, says Geier.

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