Top 10 Hollywood banned movies

Top 10 Hollywood banned movies

Top Ten Hollywood banned movies which are shown below, check now. Censorship boards do not like sex and yet nothing gets them more excited. Whether it’s straight, gay or fetish, there is a major discomfort with movies showing the power of sexuality and sexual acts up close and in detail.

Even today, in the age of the Internet and the easy availability of online porn, arthouse and mainstream movies can be banned for being too provocative. As well as receiving lengthy or temporary bans, directors and distributors have been sent to court and even prison for making works of art and entertainment. Different censorship boards have different concerns all around the world, but concerns about sex and sexuality unite them all.



When Gaspar Noé’s “Irréversible” appeared on Australian and New Zealand screens, things got complicated and distributors faced legal battles before it was finally passed.

The horrible yet powerful drama opens in a gay sex club Noé shot in a real Parisian establishment and it’s full of explicit imagery and sounds. The director even included a cameo of himself jerking off.

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