Top 10 superfoods for muscle mass gain

Top 10 superfoods for muscle mass gain


It’s no secret that our muscles mostly consist of a protein called myoglobin. Therefore, the muscles especially need protein make-up from the outside. Even if you are on a very reduced low-calorie diet, protein per day should be enough. And this is not less than 60 g of pure protein per day. Otherwise, the body begins to “pull” the protein from the muscles, and this leads to the loss of muscle mass until their dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is the way to excess weight in the future, since fats are burned in us in muscle cells. I compiled a list of products that are ideal for both maintaining muscle mass and building it.

1. Cottage cheese. 100 g will bring the body 19 g of quality protein – casein. In addition to casein, cottage cheese is rich in minerals, vitamins: A, C, D and B vitamins. But more than 200 grams per day of cottage cheese should not be consumed.

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