Top 10 Things to Know About American History and Culture

“To-go” concept – Eating on the run

Most Americans are always on the go. It seems they are often running from one appointment to the next, going to and from work, picking up kids, running errands, and going to business meetings and social outings. Because Americans are regularly on the move, there is often not enough time to have a formal, sit-down meal. A common expression you’ll hear is, “24 hours in a day is not enough!”


You may be surprised to see Americans walking around with coffee mugs, beverages, or food packaged in to-go containers. You may see people eating a slice of pizza on the street (especially in New York City!) or downing a cappuccino while in line at the bank. You’ll notice that drive-thru windows are ubiquitous at fast-food restaurants around the country; according to, 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. For many Americans, there isn’t enough time to sit down in a cafĂ© and enjoy a cup of coffee, or relax for a few minutes and eat a snack, so you’ll often hear them order their food and drinks “to go.”

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