Top 10 Things to Know About American History and Culture


Many Americans love and follow sports, the most popular being football, baseball and basketball. You’ll discover that a major difference between your home country and the USA is that the following of soccer is much smaller in the U.S. than in other countries. Sports can be a huge uniting and dividing factor among Americans. During football and basketball season, you might see your coworkers getting into spirited debates about whose team is better. Football is fun to watch but can be pretty confusing to follow, but you can ask your American colleagues to help you out. You might even understand why over 100 million Americans watched the 2017 Super Bowl!


Like many other cultures, Americans thrive on competition. From a young age, children are encouraged to work hard and try their best to succeed at a task, particularly in academics, sports, and other hobbies. Universities tend to be very competitive, so parents prepare their kids early for the admissions process. Some high schools and even pre-schools have competitive admission, and even Girl Scouts vie to sell the most cookies during fundraising drives to earn great prizes. You will certainly see that many Americans have a very ambitious and go-getter attitudes as well. They are proactive and if they want to accomplish something, they go for it. They don’t tend to sit back and wait for others to catch up.


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