Top 5 Weight Training Tips for better Muscle

Top 5 Weight Training Tips for better Muscle


Are you struggling with your genes and trying to gain weight? Increase muscles and you will become more! Here are some tips for training and nutrition that will help you.

You are thin, lanky and quickly burn calories. How many calories you do not swallow, your incredible metabolism burns everything and does not give you a gram of weight. Do not despair! You are a hardgainer, perhaps you are not genetically predisposed to a set of body weight. It will not be easy for you to become bigger, but it is possible! You need to follow the weighting rules for the ectomorph. Every drop of energy you need to spend on building muscles. Your food should fit the training program. Nutrition and training is your weapon, and the goal is muscle mass. Use these 10 tips – and you’ll hit right into the goal.

We hope that you are hungry, as we have prepared for you a huge dish called “Help to Hardgayneram.”

  1. Eat more dense food, but do not overeat

If you do not like to walk all day with a full stomach, do not eat low-calorie food. Such food will not help you achieve your goal.

Do not clog your stomach with low-calorie carrots, instead try to eat more calorie foods.

Most hardgeyners need at least 40 calories per 1 kg of body weight to pump dry muscle mass. If the main part of calories you get from vegetables, fruits, egg whites and oatmeal in large amounts, it will be difficult for you to build up a lot.

We do not want to say that such food is not useful, just for hardgainer it is not very suitable. Choose high-calorie foods, for example, vegetable purees, dried fruits, whole eggs, dried oatmeal and steak.

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