Top 6 foods in the world that you don’t know

5. Salad:


This hardly needs mentioning seeing as salad is one such dish that has spread internationally, and chances are you’ve tried a version in your home country. Though, the version is fresher and crispier with a light smattering of mayonnaise quite the opposite to the ratio of the soft-boiled, mayonnaise-heavy international versions.

This could be due to the use of fresh cucumber or crunchy pickles, although the base of diced potato, peas, egg and mayonnaise/sour cream remains ubiquitous. In however, it’s known as Olivier salad, named after the chef Lucien Olivier who created the ‘secret’ recipe there around the mid-1800s, although the original ingredients have been swapped for cheaper, more available foods. You’ll also find a variation of similar cold salads that will equally vie for your attention.

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